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The Academy created the Askew Award to acknowledge the efforts of those who have demonstrated exemplary work in the completion of their CPM projects, which are a vital component of each CPM program participant’s training.  The Award is a bronze medallion approximately 3” in diameter.  The front of the award is seen in the photograph above. The back side of the medallion has the words “Presented to (space for engraving winner’s name) this (space for engraving the date) For the utilization of management practices exemplifying the philosophy of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers® in the completion of an exceptional curriculum project”. 

An award winning project should be innovative in its approach, should demonstrate an improvement in quality within the work unit as a result of the project, should show cost savings if they are expected as the result of the implementation of the project, should be an outstanding demonstration of CPM principles, and should recognize other significant contributions.


Recipients of the George C. Askew Award and their Projects:

2012 Askew Award Recipients

Past Askew Award Recipients
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